I started writing with a pace that surprises me. I’ve been thinking through my novel concept for a few weeks, and decided on the project I’ll be focusing on this month on Sunday, the day before the program started. Last year, I worked on something that had a full-fleshed outline and intricate plot twists already worked out. This year, it is more of a vague idea of what I wanted to do.

My daughter has accused me of picking another “depressing subject,” but, hey, I am writing literary fiction. I don’t find the topic as depressing as I do fascinating. My main character is a woman who has a husband who is in an accident and suffers brain injury. When he returns home, there are subtle differences. At the moment, I’m writing a lot of stuff that I doubt will ever bee seen in print. I decided to go ahead and write through the accident, hospital stay and similar ‘back-story’ elements into scene for my own needs. I’ve spent the last few days putting a woman through some rather sudden and painful changes, but it’s not all dreary reading or writing.

I’ve been intrigued with the work of Oliver Sacks for years. His work on brain trauma and injuries highlights cases of the most unusual sort, and make for fascinating reading. I’m thinking about the kind of changes that the Jim, the current name for the hubby, will have. I can’t take every interesting thing I’ve read about and give it to the one character, but I’ll probably put together two or three things that will have Jessica wondering who her husband has become. I don’t know where this going, really, but I don’t have to know that. The characters and story will evolve as I write them. The only thing I’m worried about for November is the daily task of writing nearly 2,000 words every day. And it doesn’t include blog posts.