As I toss my hat fully into the independent publishing ring, I’ve found a number of new opportunities come my way.  The indie community is fiercely supportive of each other, and is surprisingly collaborative. While I would probably take a six-figure advance should I be offered one, I doubt I will ever abandon indie publishing entirely. There’s something eminently appealing about being in charge of everything and being part of a community that cheers each other onward and upward.

The cost of publishing has gone way, way down over the last few years. Yeah, I know, there are some e-books out there that read like my fifth grade rough drafts, but, most authors go through a lot of effort to put out something entertaining and error free. We write fast, hard, and don’t overthink things too much. (Except me. I overthink EVERYTHING.)

One of these indie-author collaborations I’ve come across is something called the “Hidden” project.  Here’s the basic description from the  Hidden Reader Facebook Group:

One Title. Endless Possibilities.

From romance to thriller, dystopias to fairy tales. There’s something for every kind of reader with the Hidden Project.

Join us for weekly releases from the 26th October onwards.

Laura Greenwood and Joynell Schultz founded the project hoping writers of all genres would jump in and write to the simple prompt–your title must be Hidden. The result is a whole lot of books with the exact same title and nothing else in common.

I put my name in as a way of forcing a deadline. The plan is, Bound to Die will come out in December 5, my Hidden short story in March, followed by Book 2 in late summer/early fall. I’ve written book 2 so that the short story is meaningful and yet not entirely necessary to understanding book 2.

If you’re interested in seeing how dozens of authors are approaching the project, I suggest you look at the websitesign up for the newsletter, or join the Facebook group. (Linked above.)

Here are the first three in the project at Amazon. I haven’t read any of them yet, but they’re short and I’m interested in seeing how this whole Hidden thing pans out.