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A Creative Challenge

Sometime in April, I was asked to help make a gift for our departing minister at WUUC. The assignment was pretty simple--take a bunch of grosgrain ribbons that had been used in an earlier ceremony to bless our minister and create 'something' out of them. Over the last...

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Left Coast Crime–EEK!

I am heading to Reno in a couple of days to attend Left Coast Crime, my first ever 'fan' convention. Readers and writers of mysteries and thrillers gather from all over the West Coast to celebrate crime fiction of all kinds. This is the first time I'll be attending as...

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Gangster Nation–A review

Gangster Nation by Tod Goldberg My rating: 5 of 5 stars This review is for the audible version... What kind of writer gets me to feel empathy for a mobster hit man? A good one. Is the whole story line believable? Maybe not, but it's a fun story anyway. One reason we...

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The Big Day is Almost Here

It's a Friday morning as I write this. My writing group has rented the most amazing house on Whidbey Island for a weekend retreat.  "Marty's Place" is a restored 1909 farmhouse right above the water with a most distracting view. There are five bedrooms, a TV room with...

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#SexIsHuman–Let’s Talk About It, Shall We?

This very thoughtful article by erotica editor extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussell has pulled me out of my year-long blogging doldrum. I might write another post about my hiatus from blogging, but right now, I want you to think about sex. Actually, I want you to...

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Lemon Ombre Cake

For my son's birthday, he requested a "lemon, lemon, lemon" cake, and I decided I'd try my hand at an ombre frosting. I took our favorite lemon cake, did a little research and put together what you see above. As I worked, I did a couple of time-lapse photos and put...

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