Heya, Bobby.

Okay, so I don’t actually say “Heya” on the phone, but that’s the tone of my voice, when I say, “Hello, Bobby.” And while I don’t actually say, “And, I’m going to call you every single day until you finally figure...

Water Woes Redux

I’ll start by referencing my previous post for brevity’s sake. The little addendum to the story about the laundry room flood is this: We recently discovered the radiator in our bathroom was not heating up. It was confusing even to the radiator repair guy...

Water Woes

Oh yes. Again. At least there’s no water damage this time.  For those of you who haven’t followed my life closely over the last few years, let me fill you in on some details. In 2006, there was a very nasty windstorm in the Seattle area dubbed the...

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