I am a Liar, a Thief and a Spy.

I make things up.  I lie.  It is not a malicious sort of thing on my part.  It is simply part of my nature.    In order to spin a good yarn, it’s important for me to make stuff up.  I admit to it freely.  Don’t believe anything I write, because what...

Hurray for Lizard Spit!

Gila Monster Venom.  Exenatide.  Byetta.  All the same thing. For those of you who like specifics: I won’t pretend I understand the composition to the left here, but it sure looks fancy, doesn’t it?  Exenatide is the name used for the synthetic version of...

Marking Time

I remember when Bill and I figured out our wedding date and called relatives to let them know.  My Aunt M. was angry because we chose to have it on June 24th.  She said, “Oh, you can’t have it on that day!  That’s the day daddy died.” I was...

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