The Research Hole

So, here I am, committing myself to editing this novel I started a long time ago. It’s the one a lot of friends have heard me talk about–Bess loses her entire family in a fire, moves to Redmond to live with her gay aunt, and goes survivor-guilt-crazy with...

Happy Pie Day, America!

It’s National Pie Day, according to the Pie Council that is. I didn’t even KNOW there was a Pie Council, let alone a National Pie Day until I heard about it on KUOW today. Local Pie Bakers were on hand to answer questions about pie to celebrate. Those of...

The 2012 Agriculture Census and You

We, or more accurately, my husband, received this in the mail a couple of days ago. As a general rule, I go through my mail when I get it with a casual glance to ensure I’m not missing anything important and toss it on the desk near the door to deal with...

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