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The much loved old pan.

Ever buy something really wonderful and expensive without thinking much about what might happen to it, say, ten years down the road? We bought a 12″ non-tick All Clad saute pan about ten years ago and used it regularly. Almost daily. After long and hard use, but perfect care on our part–I never put it in the dishwasher or used metal utensils, for example, it finally stopped being non-stick. It was so bad, in fact, it became unusable. An article in Cook’s Illustrated, mentioned that the All-Clad warranty was a really good one, and I decided to check into it. About six weeks ago, I sent an email to All-Clad and they sent me back a claim number and directions on returning the old pan.

Our replacement All-Clad!

I wrote them a nice letter explaining that, to my knowledge, we’d treated the pan with loving kindness as directed in the packaging information. I couldn’t vouch for the various people who have sat house for us while we are on vacation, but I know that I never put that thing in the dishwasher. I asked them to please keep the old pan and recycle it if possible even if they didn’t feel inclined to replace the pan under their warranty. I also told them that, if they were able to replace the pan, I would blog about what an awesome company they are. So, here I am, happily blogging and bouncing with joy. I LOVE the size shape and format of this pan, and I have completely missed it in my cooking repertoire of late. The replacement came today, just as I was beginning to think I was out of luck. Yay All-Clad!

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