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Why I Find Comfort in Crime Fiction

A few months ago I almost signed up for an "urban escape" training weekend. We're not talking getting out of the city and into the woods though. The course description is this: While on an international business trip you are kidnapped and held for ransom. or, a...

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A new year, a new list…

What's on your list to read in 2016?  I got a few fun books to read over the holidays, (see photo) and I still have a backlog from book-signing events and conferences. First up is "Purity" by Franzen. It was a birthday gift from my fabulous mother-in-law, and I have...

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Deep breath, hit send. Fly baby, fly.

I might as well be standing outside naked--in a public park surrounded by people staring at me. That's how exposed I feel right now. Today is it. The day I send Bound to Die out into the world. Yes, a few people have read it, liked it, even. But, today is the day I...

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Beta Time

People have been asking me questions that are some variant of "So, how's that book coming along?" or "When is your book coming out?" and "Didn't you win a contest or something?" and "Hasn't it been a while now?" It feels like FOREVER since I started Bound to Die for...

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After my last post on making the duck confit, I kind of left things hanging. Sorry about that, but I was busy finishing a draft of my novel during the last few weeks. Said draft is out into the world, or at least in the hands of six lovely beta readers for now. I told...

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