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Cassoulet–Step 1, Duck Confit with the Anova Sous Vide

For many years, my in-laws would celebrate their New Year's Day wedding anniversary by hosting an open house and serving Cassoulet. January 1, 2015 was their 50th anniversary, and a cassoulet open house seemed the perfect way to honor their golden year. What is...

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Ah, WP statistics, you make me wonder sometimes…

The screenshot to the left shows what google searches have led people to my blog. I didn't include the numbers to the side, but I found this one kind of interesting and kind of creepy. The top search item was for my daughter. She's off at college and doing her own...

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Killing Some Darlings

I just opened Scrivener for the first time since I compiled the "full draft" for the writing competition I entered in May. A lot of writers find it is helpful to set a work aside for a while before a revision. This time away helps the writer gain some objective...

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Reviews…you can’t control the reader’s experience

I was doing some catch-up work for the erotic pen name I've been using. I have an Amazon Author page that needs updating, a Goodreads Author page that needs updating, a blog that I need to write...well, you get the picture.  While I'm still keeping mostly mum...

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Home Sweet Home

We've spent the last year plus thinking about Emma and her gap year. (Anyone who knows us is probably tired of hearing about Emma this, and Emma that--but it's been our LIFE for a while now.) First, we were planning, planning, planning. Then, once she was gone, it was...

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