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It was brought to my attention that I’m not really blogging yet.   One post a month, apparently, is not enough.    I was told by my husband that blogging is more off the cuff and not necessarily meant to be neatly rendered essays with witty quotations and exemplary editing.  Fine.  I’ll go with that for a while and see how I feel about that.   My slow entry into this world has been partly due to laziness, partly due to procrastination, and partly due to fear.   I realize some people blog on a daily basis.  That verb didn’t even exist in my youth, so I’m not sure why I should be expected to pick up and do it every day.

The procrastination comes in when it comes to topic.  While in the shower this morning, I realized that a blog  solely about writing is going to get boring for me.  And, if it is going to get boring for me, it’s got to get boring for anyone attempting to read it.   I never envisioned myself as an angsty writer–one of those people in black turtlenecks and berets sitting in a coffee bar anxiously words-smithing every syllable.   I just like to write.  Ever since I was young, I used to spin yarns and tell tales.  The  message I received growing up was to be quiet,  so I learned to put things into writing so as to not annoy those around me.  While I might not be writing about writing, the title still applies  for I do try to write 1,000 words a day–but not necessarily in this blog.  That was never my intention. I don’t count email in that goal, or it would be cheating, but I will count the couple of hundred words here, the couple hundred I can do on my other blog and what little “real writing” I can get done.

The fear comes into effect because blogging is “putting myself out there.”  That is part and parcel of why I’m not published yet, and I’m trying to get over it.  The rejection slips I have gotten have all been very kind.  All four of them, anyway.  One was downright positive, but I am who I am–A straight A kind of gal who sees rejection as a C at best.   When I put work out there that I think deserves an A, well……yeah.  That’s kind of the sucky part about trying to get published.

So, I’ll go for once a week–a regular schedule of thoughts, ambling or coherent coming this way.  And, maybe after I am regular for a few months, I’ll amp up the pace a bit and go for more than once a week.

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