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I’m on my home elliptical with my iPhone writing this post. It’s as much an exercise in trying to get as much done in one day as possible as it is cardio. I think the screen is small, the typos are annoying, but the possibility of being able to write while exercising is promising.

My other blog, weightlossforknitters, is all about knitting and moving at the same time. I’m realizing that the problem I have with writing while on this machine is I am slowly but most definitely getting nauseous. I get motion sickness when I read or use a treadmill, but not when I knit and do the same thing. I think the difference is that when I knit, I don’t have to look down at what I’m working on so much. When I’m reading or typing as I am now, my eyes are focused on the page.

The other thing I’m not sure I like about the Iphone version if wordpress is that it looks like I can’t tell it where to place individual photos in the post itself. That’s annoying. Also, editing a long post here is going to be tricky.

The photos that follow are the greens from the garden as they are sautéed in a sinful amount of butter before being mixed with egg and chiles to make a potluck casserole we attended last Saturday. We went to Fremont for the solstice parade that was preceded by brunch at our friend’s home near the parade route.

The second photo is of some dinosaurs we saw on the way back to our car that was parked near the zoo. There’s really no reason for having this photo except I’m trying out the features on this application.

Thanks for reading.

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