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Before we left, I purchased a four pack of Moleskines, the now ubiquitous writer’s friend. I discovered their supple bindings, their stay open lined pages, and their generally pleasing aesthetics years ago. I’ve often carried one of the smaller varieties in my purse to jot down little notes to myself.

I am likely wrong about this, but I seem to remember that they only came in black. The pack I picked up for the trip came in two shades of green and two of purple. My thought was that we could each use one to record our trip as we went. Most anyone reading this blog post is also following me on Facebook and sees my daily check-ins there. So, if I’m posting there all the time, why bother writing it out? Add in the fact my handwriting is almost impossible to read but by the most dedicated, it seems nearly futile.

It’s not that I’m recording deep thoughts. Most everything I’m putting down in ink are the details you won’t see here or on Facebook. I’m using an iPhone to do everything electronically, and, frankly, it’s not particularly pleasant to be entering all this text via a keyboard the size of a single Graham cracker. It’s legible.

Besides the practical aspects of having am alternative record that is not dependent on wireless and 3G networks, I like the process of writing. I like the way a pen feels as it glides or skritches across paper. It slows me down in a good way when I would tend to rush my thoughts.


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