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The cheaper seats.

Okay. I know people get into the game. I don’t get it. I can see maybe watching it on television and as an excuse to hang out for a day of free-for-all chip and beer drinking. I saw someone post something on facebook about the superbowl coming up, and I thought, “Oh, I wonder when the superbowl is. Sometime in January or February? Must be soonish.”

After a quick google search I found links to ticket sales, so I clicked on it knowing the date would be there. What I saw was more than a little shocking. Seriously? Thousands of dollars for a seat to a game? I know that I have different priorities than a lot of people. All I could think of when I saw the prices on the tickets was “Why?”

The box seats.

Then, I checked out the prices for some of the boxes. The 25 seat box called the Owner’s Club sells for a whopping $663,425! That’s $26,527 per person. Even where I live 600K can buy you a half way decent house. The single ticket price takes care of a modest car. I’m feeling very judgmental about this, but I’m having a very hard time finding any logic behind spending that kind of money to sit in a box and watch a football game. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for a private performance with anyone. (No, really. I searched through my mind just now of all the people that I might consider spending that kind of money on and no one or no thing came up as a positive ethical hit for me.) I just think there’s something seriously wrong with the whole thing.

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